CRHCP Training

The San Antonio CRHCP if FULL
Registration for the next session OPENS June 27, 2018.  This would be for the Summer/Fall session with a Final Exam in Lake Tahoe on Oct 25…   

NARHC is offering Directors, Clinic Administrators & other RHC leaders a full-spectrum course designed to teach you how to operate a successful Rural Health Clinic. Upon course completion & attainment of an 80% or higher exam score, you will earn a CRHCP certification.

NARHC’s Certified RHC Professional (CRHCP)
Summer/Fall with Final Test in Lake Tahoe on Oct. 25, 2018
Links below NOT ACTIVE until Registration Opens on June 27… 

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When Available:    June 27th, 2018 with an in-person exam in Lake Tahoe on October 25th, 2018.

Enrollment Period:     June 27th– Sept. 1st, limited to the first 100 people paid. Coursework must be completed by October 22nd, 2018.

Cost:    NARHC Member $450, Non-Member $600 (the $100 Exam Fee is included).

Course Format:    ON-LINE with an in person multiple choice Final Exam, which must be taken in Lake Tahoe on Thursday, October 25th, 2018 in the afternoon.

How Long Will It Take:   Approx. 30 hours including 10 hours of video.  The course may take up to 6-8 weeks to complete.

Content:  The CRHCP Course consists of 4 modules (Admin & Finance, Billing & Coding, Human Resources, & Regulatory Compliance & Quality) with a short pre-test at the completion of each module.   Also included is approximately 10 hours of learning videos.

Pre-requisites:   None.  This course is written at the basic level and should be considered the starting point or the minimum you need to know to be a Certified RHC Professional.

Final Exam:  The exam will be held at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe on Thursday October 25th.  Bring proof of ID & a laptop for the final test (a tablet or phone is NOT recommended).  If you do not have a laptop, paper tests will be available.  Those who take the test on a laptop will receive immediate test results.  To receive your certificate, you must pass the exam with a final score of 80%.  Certificates will be emailed within 30 days to those who have passed.

What if I don’t Pass the Exam:   1 free test re-take will be allowed within the first 90 days (on-line).  If you do not pass the exam on the 2nd attempt, it will be required that you re-take the course at full price at the next course offering.

Recertification:    Every 2 years, 16 CEUs will be required for recertification.  You will be required to attend a NARHC Conference (worth 15 CEUs) within the following calendar year of taking your exam.  In the “off” year, you are required to take a Free NARHC T.A. Webinar to obtain 1 CEU. If these requirements are not met within the appropriate timeframe, certification will lapse and the coursework & exam must then be repurchased.

Who Created the Content:      An expert panel of 19 people, a Who’s Who of RHC Consultants, Advocates, NARHC Board Members & Attorneys.