RHC Benchmark Report© 

What Is It & How Long Does it Take?

Benchmarking is the process of measuring the performance of one’s organization against the best in the same or another industry. Only NARHC member RHCs may request a free Benchmark Report.  Your report can take several weeks depending on data release and the number of reports in line.

How Often is the Database Updated?

CMS updates cost report information from fiscal intermediaries the month following the quarter end. Please note that our database update is dependent on the timely data release from CMS.  If your request is received prior to a quarterly update, your report may be held pending updates.

Why Participate in the RHC Benchmark Report©?
Participating in the RHC Benchmark Report© will enable your organization to benefit from both state and national data and knowledge of other rural health clinics. This data will assist you in analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your RHC (e.g., facility and personnel costs, visits, staffing, and other key performance metrics) and enable you to make informed decisions to improve the operations of your organization.

How Do I participate?    2 Ways:
1)      Copy/paste the following form into an email to or with your cost report or
2)      Copy/paste/fill out the info. & email without a cost report. Data will be drawn from the preceding year’s cost report data.

Note:  If you don’t file a cost report (such as those in Pediatrics), we can’t benchmark your clinic.  There will be no data against which to benchmark.


When your facility’s benchmarking report is completed, it will be returned via e-mail. Any of the following benchmark-certified consultants may be contacted to help you interpret the report:

Benchmark-Certified Consultants:

Health Services Assoc. Chris Christoffersen
Health Services Assoc. Julie Quinn
Healthcare Business Specialists Mark Lynn
Healthcare Horizons Jim Estes
Midwest Health Care, Inc. Glenn Beussink
N. American Healthcare Mgm Serv. Charles James
N. American Healthcare Mgm Serv. David James
Rural Health Development Janet Lytton
The PM Group SC Steve Wall
Wipfli Jeff Bramschreiber
Wipfli Jeff Johnson

RHC Benchmark Report is made possible by Wipfli, LLP